Carpaccio Details: Without a doubt, Carpaccio is one of the most sophisticated delicacies of modern cuisine (found in the most exclusive restaurants). Carpaccio Bernina is prepared with paper-thin slices of the most select low-fat, bovine cuts. It is presented raw, and there are several seasonings for every taste.
Even though its exact origin remains unknown, it is said that is was first introduced on the second half of the 20th century in Harry's Bar in Venice.
The legend says that it was custom-made for a young lady whose doctor had prescribed raw beef. Due to the similar colors in Vittore Carpaccio's palette, whose work is distinguished for its deep red and yellow, it was thus named Carpaccio.

Not only does Carpaccio Bernina offer ideal nutritional values high in proteins, vitamines and minerals it is also very simple to serve since there's only to spread the contents on a tray and thaw approximately 5 minutes to recover consistency.
The secret of Carpaccio Bernina is that it is presented in very thin slices in a fan shape in practical layers with the exact serving for one person. It can be serves as an appetizer or as a first dish, scarcely seasoned with parmesan cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or with the traditional Carpaccio sauce for preparing the unique 'Carpaccio alla Kandinsky’.

Highly recommended for restaurants that want a modern and practical option in their menus, Carpaccio Bernina may be prepared and served as one of the most sophisticated delicacies in modern cuisine in less than 5 minutes.

Primary case contains 10 individual trays of 80 g. each (2.8 oz)
Master case contains 10 cases / 8 kg. (18 lb)
Shelf life: 24 months
Frozen storage required