Basturma Details: Basturma is an extremely seasoned, dry-cured beef with a strong, characteristic flavor that sets this product as one of the spiciest deli meats. Basturma comes from an ancient Eastern Europe and Central Asia tradition.
Basturma Bernina keeps its homemade essence and is prepared with the most select bovine top rounds carefully pressed to obtain a low-moisture product, generously seasoned with paprika, fenugreek and garlic.
Subsequently, the meat is cured for a long period of time in specially designed chambers that reproduce the air needed to ensure the perfect moisture and tenderness of the product. Even if it is known as Basturma in the Armenian community, one of its origins may be Pastirma, Turkish for “pressed”.
Similar names are found in Albanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian cuisine, but the essence and servings remain unchanged: paper-thick slices as appetizers or snacks, a perfect combination for spirits.

Case contains 16 pcs
Average net weight per case: 25 lb
Shelf life: 12 months
Refrigerated storage recommended