*Organic product also available

Natural, lean beef. Intense, passionate flavor. Healty, nutritious delicacies. This is the best way to describe our line of Grassfed Beef Specialties, because this is precisely what makes us different.

Our beef comes from grassfed animals, raised in the open, with vast fields where to roam. The old fashioned way of raising cattle. Grassfed beef is up to six times leaner than grain fed beef. It is a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids, rich in vitamins and minerals.  Healthy animals provide healthy food for people, with no hormones, no antibiotics and no animal by-products. Bernina Beef Specialties have the genuine flavor of homestyle cooking.

We carefully select the finest cuts, patiently hand trim them to become extra lean and they are later cooked very slowly to obtain extremely tender and tasty products. Our complete line includes Original, Peppered and Italian Style Roast Beef, Pastrami and Corned Beef, which can also be produced under ‘Natural Beef’ Certification and ‘Organic Beef’ Certification.

New products were recently added including a ready to serve Beef Carpaccio as well as two popular dry cured beef products: A true italian-style Bresaola and Basturma, one of the most spiciest deli meats.

Bernina Beef Specialties combines the original flavor of beef with the most thorough process, making each of our products unique.

Bernina Corned Beef
Bernina Pastrami
Bernina Roast Beef